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Globe and Mail: Review of Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

Alex Bozikovic

Why our Jane Jacobs world needs a little Robert Moses, too

Everybody likes an underdog. And looking back a half-century at the urban battles of the sixties, we find one in Jan... +read

Globe and Mail: Casey House Back in William R. Johnston Mansion

Dave LeBlanc

A big red home to match Casey Houses big red heart

Those who know Casey House, Canada’s first stand-alone HIV/AIDS hospice, know that th... +read Toronto Council Asks for City Wide Survey

David Shiner pushes for 'heritage survey' that could help save historic buildings

Toronto city council is expected to vote Friday on a series of motions that would direct staff to study ways to enhance pr... +read

Architectural Record: Video-Up Close with the Cover

A little tour of the world's architecture, see how many you recognize before they give you the title.... +read

OHA+M Blogspot: Next Steps for Bill 323

Dan Schneider
Dan Schneider

Probing Bill C-323

The legislation we’ve been following, private member’s Bill C-323, is headed to committee! But it’... +read

Toronto Star: Call for City Wide Building Survey

Bank of Montreal, 2444 Yonge Street-Recently lost
Michael McClelland

A better way to protect Toronto


Toronto City Council Motions - You can help identify more of Toronto's Heritage Property

Catherine Nasmith

Three Motions Recommending Staff Report on Feasibility of a City Wide Survey to Identify Heritage Properties

Got this nice note from Michael McClelland this week.  "Great news from City Hall! On April 26th three motion... +read The Ward Musical

John Lorinc

Songs and Sounds of a Lost Toronto Neighbourhood

If you try to imagine your way back into the early 20th century streets and laneways of The... +read

Toronto Star: Hurrah, Crystal Ballroom at King Edward Re-Opens

In its glory, now returned.....
Ellen Brait

King Edward Hotel

It’s been empty for 38 years.  And slow... +read

Photo-documenting theTransformation of the Hearn Ruins

Jonathan Castellino

Generation: Designing New Spaces

Jonathan Castellino is a photographer based in the city of Toronto, Canada, and an adjunct archi... +read

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