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OHA + M Blog: Bill 323 Clears Important Hurdle

Dan Schneider

Bill C-323 clears a hurdle

The Speaker:

Peterborough Examiner: Two Main Street Losses

Joelle Kovach

Developer to proceed with demolition of Pig's Ear Tavern, Black Horse Pub, plans new 5-storey buildings

    The developer who wants to tear down The Pig's Ear and The Black Horse says he's pleased tha... +read

Globe and Mail: Vancouver Hesitates

Kerry Gold

Vancouver Abandons only Tool That Would Help Save Character Homes

The city came close to adopting the one tool at its disposal that many agree would likely have preserved Vancouvers dwind... +read

Photo-documenting theTransformation of the Hearn Ruins

Jonathan Castellino

Generation: Designing New Spaces

Jonathan Castellino is a photographer based in the city of Toronto, Canada, and an adjunct archi... +read

Places Journal - Unfinished New York

Belmont Freeman
New Yorks historic preservation community has been in celebratory mode this year, marking a half-century since the passag... +read

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