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New book: Art Deco Architecture Across Canada

Book Cover
Tim Morawetz
It is a very big, beautiful and important book, self publish... +read

The St. Lawrence Seaway and the Lost Villages

Map Showing St. Lawrence River before and after Seaway construction
Catherine Nasmith

The St. Lawrence Seaway, is stunningly beautiful, yet full of poignant buried memories. In 1954 the St. Lawrence Sea... +read

My Summer Reading: Lost and Found Loyalist Worlds seen through the Eyes of Peter J. Stokes and Anne Michaels

Moving Christ Church to Upper Canada Village
Catherine Nasmith

Over the summer I have been quite a bit of Peter J. Stokes as references for a route guide I am writing for the Friends fo... +read

Fight Continues at Bala Falls

Demonstration at Bala Falls
Tim MacDonald
On Friday September 1, more than 200 people came out in Canada&rs... +read

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