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HOLD THE DATE - September 12 - A TOAST TO YORK SQUARE - September 12, 2017

Recent Lunch in York Square, masonry is in perfect condition and food terrific
Catherine Nasmith

Depending on what the OMB decides about the future of Toronto's York Square, (Yorkville and Avenue Road) there may not be ... +read

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Catherine Nasmith

As as subscriber you will be aware that there have been fewer editions of BHN lately. This is  because increasingly n... +read

Please sign Petition to Save 401 Richmond

Phil Tucker

401 Richmond Street West is a restored, heritage-designated, industrial building turned arts-and-culture hub in downtown T... +read

Please Sign Petition to Save Davisville School

Sketch by Stephen Yeates
ACO Toronto

BHN subscribers will be aware of the challenges in saving the Mid-Century Masterpiece, Davisville Junior School. It has re... +read

The Moccasin Identifier Project is Launched

Phillip Cote Moccasin Design
Catherine Nasmith

June 21 is National Aboriginal Day, coinciding with the longest day of the year. What does that mean for Canadians post Tr... +read

Is your Ontario Community interested in Hosting an Ontario Heritage Conference

Catherine Nasmith

ACO and CHO have been holding joint conferences for over ten years. We have a joint conference committee that works to loc... +read

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