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Heritage Ottawa Walking Tour: Lowertown East

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Place:   MEET: École secondaire De La Salle, 501 Old St. Patrick Street (#6 Bus Route)
Date:   August 20, 2017
Time:   2pm
Cost:   Tickets are $5 for members or $10 for non-members
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From Issue No. 260 | September 11, 2017

Lowertown East, bounded by Rideau Street, King Edward Avenue and the Rideau River, has been home to many important religious, residential and civic buildings. Despite a controversial 1970s urban redevelopment, it is a walkable neighbourhood with a strong multicultural history.
The tour will focus on the areas built heritage and the stories surrounding three key parks  Anglesea Square, the oldest square in Ottawa; Macdonald Gardens, designed on the site of a cemetery; and Bordeleau Park, reclaimed from the Rideau River.
GUIDE: Nancy Miller Chenier, Co-Chair of the Lowertown Community Association Heritage Committee and long-time resident of Lowertown East

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