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POSTPONED: Buildings as Resources: Material Conservation and Environmental Sustainability
ACO Toronto's annual Symposium

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Place:   1 Danforth Avenue, Adult Learning Centre Auditorium
Date:   TBA
Cost:   $25.00 Community, $75.00 Practitioner/Con-EdLloyd Alter | Romas Bubelis | Barbara Campagna | Alison Creba | Joseph Dahmen |Paul Dowsett | Mark Gorgolewski | Jane Hutton | Ted Kesik | Joe Lobko | Chris Magwood | Sheena Sharp | Megan Torza

ACO Toronto’s 2020 symposium will be held on Saturday, April 25 on the topic of Buildings as Resources: Material Conservation and Environmental Sustainability.


What if demolition was the last resort? What if we valued cultural and environmental resources in the built environment?


We’re excited to welcome experts on conserving embodied and operating energy, reuse of materials and maintaining resources through additions, retrofits and recycling.




Here are a few excellent articles on treating existing buildings as resources instead of liabilities:


-        Tear down for what? A plea to keep Toronto’s St. Lawrence Centre standing (Alex Bozikovic, The Globe and Mail, January 21 2020)

-        By wrecking tall buildings, are we contributing to the climate crisis? (Alex Bozikovic, The Globe and Mail, January 17 2020)

-        The case for…never demolishing another building (Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian, January 13 2020)

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