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Peterborough Examiner: Two Main Street Losses
Joelle Kovach | April 3, 2017

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Developer to proceed with demolition of Pig's Ear Tavern, Black Horse Pub, plans new 5-storey buildings

From Issue No. 258 | May 1, 2017



The developer who wants to tear down The Pig's Ear and The Black Horse says he's pleased that city councillors decided to forego a heritage designation on the buildings.

Paul Dietrich, the owner of Parkview Homes, called it "good news".

"We want to proceed with demolition, per the permits we have in hand," he said.

Dietrich bought the Pig's Ear in January and recently acquired The Black Horse (although that deal has yet to close).

He's already been granted demolition permits from City Hall and he plans to replace the historic buildings with a pair of five-storey apartment buildings.

But the city's architectural conservancy committee recommended that council place a heritage designation on the buildings to keep them from being razed.

On Monday, councillors could've gone along with that recommendation at a committee meeting - but they didn't.

Instead, they voted to have Dietrich work with city staff to come up with a design for the two new apartment buildings.

The idea is to present a design to councillors that they think will work well in the downtown - and that will retain some of the history.

On Tuesday, Dietrich said that might mean reusing some of the building materials from the historic buildings - like perhaps the brick - for a heritage display in the lobby.

He said he spoke to each councillor on the weekend and said he'd be spending $20 million to build the new residences.

He wants to demolish the historic buildings as soon as late summer or early fall of 2017, he said.

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