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Toronto City Council Motions - You can help identify more of Toronto's Heritage Property
Catherine Nasmith | April 26, 2017

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Three Motions Recommending Staff Report on Feasibility of a City Wide Survey to Identify Heritage Properties

From Issue No. 258 | May 1, 2017

Got this nice note from Michael McClelland this week. 

"Great news from City Hall! On April 26th three motions dealing directly with Heritage Preservation will be brought before City Council in response to our Op Ed piece."  

Please find links to the motions below:

These three motions will be referred to Planning and Growth Management, unless for some reason 2/3 of Council decides to hold the items and refuse them, which in my opinion is highly unlikely to happen!

As ACO President, I was a signator to the Opinion piece that spurred these three motions. (above) ACO Toronto's TO Built is identified in one of the motions as a place to gather whatever information is out there on Toronto property into a central database. To Built has been a key project for ACO Toronto, one which we developed for just such a task, so it is exciting to see it recognized by Council as a potential support in such an important process. 

We are many steps away from implementing a City led, city wide survey, but there is no reason for you not to start putting whatever you know about Toronto property where we can all find it -- on TO Built. You will need to join ACO, which you can do online, but from there you can upload photos, pdf drawings, the names of architects who may have been involved and so on. 

ACO Toronto is particularly interested in having architects in Toronto upload what they know, their projects as well as a bit about their firm to TO Built. Every architect has files of drawings relating to past projects which could be placed here. 

Whatever the City decides to do about identifying properties, simplifying its listing process to catch a wider number of properties or not, as interested citizens we can help by just starting to share what we know and putting it where everyone else, including Toronto City staff, can see it.

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