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OHA+M Blogspot: Next Steps for Bill 323
Dan Schneider | April 26, 2017

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Probing Bill C-323

From Issue No. 258 | May 1, 2017

Dan Schneider

The legislation we’ve been following, private member’s Bill C-323, is headed to committee! But it’s uncertain when that will be. The Environment committee is still busy with a major review of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. The committee is off the last two weeks of April and only has five weeks in May and early June before rising for summer break.

So it may not happen until fall. In the meantime, we in the heritage community should be thinking hard about what to say to the committee — and who should say it — when they hold public hearings on the bill.

There is no question that the principle of the bill deserves strong support. The principle being ... that the income tax system should be used to provide incentives for the rehabilitation of heritage property.

That doesn’t mean everything in this particular legislative proposal is fine and dandy. A too-uncritical stance may not be the best course — either policy-wise or politically. Now is the time to closely scrutinize the bill’s details.

Editors Notes: Dan has been analyzing heritage policy for over 30 years, it is terrific to have him as chair of the ACO Policy Committee. He will be working closely with the National Trust for Canada and others to develop a submission from ACO.
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