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ERA Article on Towers, Heritage and Energy Conservation Practice
Michael McClelland, Christine Paglialunga Alexis Cohen | July 7, 2017

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Towers: a comparison in evaluation, context, and conservation

From Issue No. 259 | July 11, 2017

This article explores emerging practice issues in heritage conservation through the comparison of two conservation projects in Toronto, both built in 1969: Mies van der Rohe’s Toronto Dominion (TD) Centre in the Financial District and a residential apartment tower by the Estonian-born Canadian architect, Uno Prii. By broadening both the cannon of heritage resources and approaches to conservation, heritage professionals have an opportunity to contribute solutions to global issues like climate change and social and economic inequality. If traditional distinctions between ‘highbrow’ and ‘low brow’ resources are revisited, a more expansive understanding of value can lead to better and more creative uses for our built heritage.

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