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Links Council eyes heritage designation for private residence in Uxbridge
Moya Dillon | August 24, 2017

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Preservation could trump private ownership on Sam Sharpe property

From Issue No. 260 | September 11, 2017

UXBRIDGE -- Council moved to preserve the former home of local war hero Lt. Col. Sam Sharpe by adding the 50 First Ave. property to the heritage register in order to allow the Heritage Uxbridge Committee time to evaluate a potential designation

The historic home of Lt.-Col. Sam Sharpe could become ground zero for the battle between heritage preservation and private property rights.

The owners of the home at 50 First Ave. spoke to councillors during a meeting on Aug. 21, urging them not to designate the home. The argument was made in the wake of an application to split the property into three lots, which spurred talk of designating the property in order to ensure preservation.

“We want to let council know we are strongly opposed to the designation of our private property at 50 First Ave. and we ask council that whenever it’s time to make that decision that you do not proceed with designation,” said Robert Bishop, who purchased the home with his wife Jennifer Durkin in 1988.

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