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Niagara at Large: Thorold Wins Prince of Wales Prize
Pamela Minns | October 19, 2017

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City of Thorold wins national recognition with prestigious Prince of Wales Prize for Municipal Heritage Leadership

From Issue No. 261 | October 26, 2017


Niagara, Ontario – In the world of HERITAGE, the Prince of Wales Prize is the Academy Award – it is the Oscar of all awards, and for 2017 the City of Thorold has been given this honour.

The revitalization of downtown Thorold has received national attention and has been a project done in partnership with local heritage advocates like Pamela Minns, local businesses, Thorold’s city council and the provincial and federal governments.

It is delivered through the National Trust for Canada, and we have been informed that “the independent awards jury was unanimous in its decision to honour Thorold for its long standing commitment to heritage policies and programs that help preserve and celebrate its rich industrial history”.  

Prince Charles himself reviewed and endorsed the jury’s recommendation, and wrote the congratulatory message which was read at the Awards event at National Trust’s annual conference held in Ottawa this year – October 11th – 14th, 2017.  A number of additional awards were presented to various people from all over our country for their contributions to Canada’s heritage.

Plaque for the historic Beaverdams Church citizens in the Thorold area are working hard to save as part of our region’s early community heritage

Established in 1999 under the generous patronage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, this Prize honours a municipal government for ”exemplary commitment to the preservation of heritage, identity and sense of place within its boundaries”. This award re-defines a community;  in Thorold it has permanently moved us from our reputation as an “industrial town”, to a heritage destination.


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