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You Tube: Save the Bala Falls Video
Save the Bala Falls | October 19, 2017

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Kathleen Wynne Bala is Calling

From Issue No. 261 | October 26, 2017

Protest on Labour Day Weekend Construction equipment blocking access to Purks Place, a local small business

In spite of a dozen years of protest and expression of well researched and credible concerns, the power plant in Bala has begun construction. All the trees have been cleared, and the town looks like a war zone. This video asks a lot of very good questions that just haven't been answered. Remediation plans show a portage re-instated which is to be applauded, but there are questions about turbulence and undertows caused by the plant which may make the portage, and former fishing and boating areas unusuable. There are also questions about potential flooding during construction. 

The Wynne government has stonewalled this group for over a decade. It is hard to understand why. Bala deserves some answers. 

Here Minister Kathryn McGarry responds to question from Norm Miller, the MPP for Muskoka. I am a fan of McGarry, a former ACO President, but do find the answer that the plant has to be built in order to take measurements for safety measures,  that the proponent, not the government is responsible for safet rather cart before horse, and?

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