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BlogTO: Don Mills and Eglinton Reboot
Lauren O'Neill | October 25, 2017

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Giant Development Coming to North of the Ontario Science Centre

From Issue No. 261 | October 26, 2017

New renderings have emerged of a massive planned community near Eglinton and Don Mills Road, giving us further insight this week into how the Crosstown LRT could eventually transform the City of Toronto.

Called "Wynford Green," the 60-acre development is slated for the site where IBM Canada originally built its headquarters in 1951.

A consortium has been working for years on a redevelopment plan for the sprawling industrial complex, now known as The Celestica electronics property, and if all goes as planned it will be up and running within four years  just in time for the arrival of the Eglinton-Crosstown LRT.

Wynford Green Toronto

This diagram shows the proposed neighbourhood's composition in terms of building or public space type. Image via Diamond Corp.

Wynford Green is described as a "transit-oriented" development that would be comprised of residential, commercial and office buildings. It would also include low-rise townhouses, a series of pedestrian linkages, bike paths, new streets and tons of parks.

When completed, the area is projected to house roughly 10,000 new residents and workers and about six acres of new public space.

Editors Notes: This development looks a lot like development south east of Don Mills and Eglinton in Flemingdon Park, a mix of towers and towns, plus retail and some office at the edge. Concerns remain about the future of the existing first generation of development buildings, the former IBM headquarters and 70's office buildings.
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