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CBC News: Kensington Market Heritage Minute
Ron Charles | October 25, 2017

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New Heritage Minute features Toronto's Kensington Market

From Issue No. 261 | October 26, 2017

Goldlist Poultry, Tom's Place is in the same building now, owner Tom Mihalik narrates the minute.

Toronto's Kensington Market, a neighbourhood built by successive waves of newcomers, now has its own Heritage Minute. The latest Heritage Minute is unlike any of the 87 previous ones  there are no period costumes or actors playing central figures in Canadian history. Instead, watercolour-style animation tells the story of a little Jewish chicken shop that gave way to a Portuguese fish market that was itself replaced by a Jamaican music store.The 60-second story chronicles change in the popular downtown Toronto neighbourhood and half a century's worth of Canadian immigration.

Filmmaker Michael Goldlist pitched and wrote the new Heritage Minute, which begins with the story of a chicken shop his grandfather, Charles Goldlist, ran for decades. Charles Goldlist was a Holocaust survivor who immigrated to Canada from Poland in 1948 when Kensington Market was a largely Jewish immigrant neighbourhood.
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