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Citytv: Group to Save Garrison (Robinson) Cottages
| November 2, 2017

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Neighbourhood group hopes to save Toronto's Garrison Common cottages

From Issue No. 262 | November 3, 2017

Robinson Cottage

A neighbourhood group is rushing to save a cluster of 160-year-old downtown homes that are in danger of being knocked down.

Two properties on Mitchell Avenue, a short walk from historic Fort York, have been sold. They’re some of the few remaining Garrison Common cottages, also known as the Robinson Cottages, built starting in 1858.

There were originally 32 cottages, eight each on Richmond and Adelaide Streets and the rest on Mitchell Avenue. But only 12 remain.

Now, neighbours are trying to save what’s left.

Local resident Dolores Borkowski has created the “Save Garrison Common Cottages” group on Facebook. She wants the city to designate the homes as heritage properties under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Bortowski explains that the cottages – a series of semi-detached bungalows, as well as a handful of detached homes – were built as an early planned community for working families. The eight-acre neighbourhood was bounded by Richmond, Tecumseh, Adelaide and Niagara Streets. Mitchell Avenue, formerly Garrison Street, went down the middle.

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