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Broadway World: Recognition for National Arts Centre Alterations
| November 3, 2017

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Diamond Schmitt Architects Receives Jury's Choice Award for Arts Centre Rejuvination

From Issue No. 262 | November 3, 2017

National Arts Centre, Diamond Schmitt Architects

 The expansion of Canada's foremost performing arts centre designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects was recognized for outstanding use of wood in architecture.

 Three new wings have been added to the NAC, constructed of a prefabricated exposed wood structure. Laminated triangular wood coffers of western Canada Douglas fir serve as the finished decorative ceiling. "The use of wood and glass provide a contrast to the original Brutalist building," said Jennifer Mallard, Senor Associate, Diamond Schmitt Architects. "The geometry of the fine detailing in the wood coffers is inspired by the original building and adds a layer of texture to the 1969 structure."

Extensive wood application was added to the 2,100-seat Southam Hall to improve room acoustics. Hardwood flooring and wood seat backs replace heavily upholstered surfaces and the flooring is made of engineered white oak stained to match the dark brown of the original building palette. The reflective wood surfaces have brightened the sound and greatly enhanced the acoustic performance of the hall.

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