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The Conversation (Academic Journalism Society): Heritage building preservation vs sustainability? Conflict isn
Sara Wilkinson and Hilde Rem√ły | November 30, 2017

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Contemporary preservation philosophy in Western cultures has been around for 140 years, and sustainable development for 30. Are the principles compatible or in conflict?

From Issue No. 264 | December 17, 2017

The Mansions is a heritage-listed group of six three-storey buildings in Brisbane CBD, Australia. Tupungato/Shutterstock

Heritage building does not have an unequivocal definition. It has several components, which co-exist to varying degrees. These include:

  •     cultural and historic
  •     intrinsic and in use values
  •     symbolic
  •     the relationship between the building and location.

A building may have little heritage value as a property but have value because a momentous event transpired there. Heritage buildings fulfil important demands for cultural experiences and leisure, and create benefits for tourism. Heritage buildings also have other positive economic impacts, such as generating higher rental and occupancy levels.

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