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National Preservation Trust: Researching your House
Meghan White | January 4, 2018

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How to Research Your House's History: Part Two

From Issue No. 265 | January 11, 2018

In Ontario, the source is Goad's Atlases, often held in the public library, Ontario Archives or Western University Archives

Part of living in an old house is being lucky enough to live in a place that was witness to dozens of lives. But if you don't know its history, where can you start? A while back, we brought you 10 tips to tackle your historic house's history. This was a great introduction into what kind of things you should look for to get started—tax records, Sanborn maps, deeds, and titles. However, where these documents can be found and how they can be used isn't always common sense. If your first thought was "what's a Sanborn map?" read below for part two of how to research your historic house's history. (Hint: Sanborn maps are really cool!)

Editors Notes: While these references are American, similar sources exist in Canada
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