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Toronto Star: New Interactive Map to Historic Toronto pics
Edward Keenan | March 26, 2018

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Travel through time across Toronto with help from Googles Sidewalk Labs

From Issue No. 267 | April 1, 2018

Click here for an interactive map of Toronto’s Archive.

Today, I spent hours time-travelling through the streets of Toronto.

I saw a parade at Yonge and King at the end of the Boer war in 1901, men raising their bowler caps in the air and waving Union Jack flags under three-storey storefronts advertising coal and furs and Union Pacific tickets.

I saw streetcars, horse-drawn wagons and bicycles navigating the same intersection in 1912, with the help of a police officer directing traffic while wearing a bobby helmet.

I saw the streetcar right-of-way on St. Clair as it appeared in the early 1900s, surrounded by grass and gravel in the centre of the road. I saw the aftermath of an explosion in Rosedale, a fire up near Weston Rd. and 401, an accident investigation into a police officer’s death under the “Keele Street Subway” in the Junction. I saw open farm fields in Willowdale in the 1950s.


Editors Notes: This is a great addition to Toronto's historic resources, thanks Sidewalk Labs and Toronto City Archives.
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