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Treehugger:Heritage Reno achieves Passivhaus standards
Lloyd Alter | March 26, 2018

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Passivhaus isn't just a standard of energy, it's a standard of luxury

From Issue No. 267 | April 1, 2018

interior bloomsbury house© Prewitt Bizley Architects

Prewett Bizley show how going Passivhaus increases comfort and quality for people who don't worry about energy costs.

Passivhaus, or Passive House, was originally all about saving energy and sets strict limits on heat loss and air infiltration. The very rich people in this world don't worry much about energy costs, yet more and more of the nicest houses in the world are being built to Passivhaus standards. One incredible example is this Bloomsbury Town House in London, renovated by Prewett Bizley Architects.


Originally built in 1820 and previously used as office space, the architects, working with interior designer Emily Bizley, restored it to single family glory. It also had "the added ambitious target of pushing its energy efficiency towards Passivhaus Enerphit standard."

Enerphit is a standard developed for renovations, and slightly relaxed from the Passivhaus standard. It's still tough, and even though it appears that they missed the airtightness test by just a bit, the results are still spectacular.


energy savings


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