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Globe and Mail: Anndore House Revamp
Dave LeBlanc | April 6, 2018

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Torontos Anndore House: From journeyman building to hotel star

From Issue No. 268 | April 23, 2018

In architecture, the same holds true. In every era, there are the “star“ buildings and the bit players. For every Gooderham flatiron building, there are dozens of warehouses, factories, office and utility buildings from the 1890s that perform the heavy lifting of city building.

The postwar period is no exception. Scan each concrete canyon at Yonge and Bloor and you’ll count journeymen all ’round. A few years ago, the 11-storey head of plain, orangey-brown brick poking up at the corner of Yonge and Charles streets wouldn’t have caught the eye. But, while business might not have been on fire, the Comfort Hotel at 15 Charles St. E. did well enough accommodating the bus-tour-from-Buffalo crowd.

 Today, wearing a fresh coat of slightly rebellious black paint, Anndore House has arrived to fill the gap between the big five-star hotels and the budget chains.

The Anndore House retains the mid-century modern charm of the original building.

And owners Silver Hotel Group haven’t extinguished 15 Charles’ quirky mid-century modern charm: “There was some character, some personality, and we really wanted to evolve on that, and bring it into 2017, well it was supposed to be 2017,” laughs general manager Anthony Campaniaris, acknowledging the inevitable construction delays.


Editors Notes: If I was a visitor to Toronto, this would be high on my list of great places to stay, it is a great addition to the roster.
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