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National Trust for Canada: Former Carnegie Library and City of Winnipeg Archives
National Trust for Canada | May 24, 2018

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The former Carnegie Library and City of Winnipeg Archives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is on the 2018 Top 10 Endangered Places List

From Issue No. 270 | July 20, 2018

Former Carnegie Library and City of Winnipeg Archives, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Why it’s endangered

Closed in 2010 for construction and upgrades, a torrential June 2013 rainstorm tore the roof off the building and damaged the archival records. The Archives subsequently relocated to a temporary home in an industrial park. Four years later, the former Carnegie Library remains empty and in limbo with no funds allocated by the City for restoration

Editors Notes: Designed by Samuel Hooper (1851-1911) - During 1903-1905 Hooper oversaw the design and construction of the Winnipeg Carnegie Library. It was during this project, in 1904, he was appointed the first Provincial Architect of Manitoba, holding the position until his death. He also served as President of the Manitoba Association of Architects in 1908. For an architect of such stature it is shameful that the City of Winnipeg, cannot honour him appropriately, as well as the original gift from the Carnegie Foundation, by restoring this building and integrating it into the community in which it is situated. For more on Hooper see,
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