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The Napanee Beaver: Threat to 1785 Hawley House Passes
Editorial | July 17, 2018

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Region's Loyalist heritage worthy of protection

From Issue No. 270 | July 20, 2018

Hawley House

Loyalist Township ultimately made the right decision Monday evening to keep the Jeptha Hawley House on its register of properties with cultural heritage significance.

Given the only restriction it places on a homeowner is the requirement to give 60 days notice ofan impending demolition, it really should have been a no-brainer. One gets the sense, though, that had the new owners of the property not wanted the longest continuously occupied home in Ontario on that list, that councillors may have relented to those wishes. Then, the home may have been on the path to becoming another of those images pulled from dusty books or sharedon the web, inviting people to “remember when” it was part of the local landscape. While historians and publications play a valuable role in documenting our past, photographs and stories always pale in comparison to a real, physical property.


Editors Notes: Somewhat altered but recognizable as the early house it is.
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