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ipolotics: Cancellation of Prince Edward County Wind Farm
Marieke Walsh | July 19, 2018

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Cancelled wind farm to cost Ontario ratepayers $100 million plus: Company

From Issue No. 270 | July 20, 2018


TORONTO— The unexpected cancellation of a wind energy project by the new Ontario government will cost ratepayers more than $100 million according to the company spearheading the project.

On Tuesday afternoon, Tory house leader Todd Smith told reporters the government would cancel a wind turbine project in his own riding as one of its first acts of business when the legislature resumes on Thursday.

“We will introduce legislation to cancel the White Pines industrial wind turbine project which received its notice to proceed during the election period,” Smith said.

The company said it was caught flat-footed by the news and only found out about its death from a reporter.

“We are shocked by the news. The White Pines Wind Project has been under development for 10 years and is nearing the completion of construction (today there were over 100 workers on site),” WPD Canada president Ian MacRae said in an email.

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