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Ottawa Citizen
John Duffy | February 27, 2020

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Ch√Ęteau Laurier addition now in limbo after variance rejected

The controversial addition to the Château Laurier is suddenly in a state of limbo after the city’s committee of adjustment rejected the hotel owner’s request for a minor variance.

In a written decision issued late Friday afternoon, the city’s committee of adjustment denied Larco Investments’ request for a variance that would have allowed the firm to break ground on a seven-storey, 147-room addition to the historic hotel.

In unanimously rejecting the request, the five-member committee said the variance was not minor in nature.

“The committee is of the opinion that the approval of (the) variance would allow for a new build that does not respect the landscape and character of the heritage features of the historic properties that surround the site, specifically those of the Rideau Canal, Major’s Hill Park and the Parliamentary Precinct, in contravention of the policies currently in place for compatible design and protection of views to these sites.”

The requested rear setback, the committee added, would allow for a “form of development that represents an increase in density on the site in terms of bulk and mass.”

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