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Preservation and Protection of Historic Places in Canada
National Trust for Canada | November 20, 2017

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From Issue No. 263 | November 20, 2017

#ChangeTheGame4Heritage – You are invited

The next few weeks are critical ones for the heritage sector. In late November, the Environment Committee is expected to report back to Parliament on Bill C-323 – An Act to Amend the Income Tax Act (Rehabilitation of Historic Property) and also wrap up its recommendations on the milestone study, The Preservation and Protection of Historic Places.

This is a time for every heritage leader and organization to be engaged and informed. We strongly believe that our individual and collective responses must be loud, strategic and coordinated.

Please join our weekly calls to develop and share strategy for action, craft media messaging etc. We are counting on you to engage your own networks and members. We are looking for provincial/territorial or regional “captains” who will help rally the troops and share news and action plans. Feel free to forward this invitation to them. Thanks!

Weekly Strategy Teleconference Thursdays at 11am ET
Toll Free 1-866-999-9779 Passcode: 469414

See our website for more information. Watch this newsletter for updates!


Editors Notes: The Environment Committee hearings were wide ranging covering topics from conserving indigenous heritage, lack of a binding heritage law for Canada, the need for financial incentives, issues with the National Register of Historic Properties, the role of Park's Canada and others. In much correspondence with proponents of Bill 323 the governing Liberals have expressed no support for the Bill, yet do make suggestions they recognize the need for support for the sector. The findings of this committee will be very important and will arrive at a rather difficult time of the year to respond, but respond we must. Keeping in touch with the National Trust for guidance and updates is important. Also contacting your MP to let them know we are hoping for great things from this review.
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