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ACO Launches Questions for MPP Candidates
Catherine Nasmith | May 19, 2018

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From Issue No. 269 | May 21, 2018

Architectural Conservancy Ontario has released a set of questions for provincial election candidates. They cover five topics: financial incentives for heritage, conserving our school heritage, heritage as an environmental priority for public sector buildings, energy efficiency incentives for heritage windows, and relieving property tax issues for heritage buildings.

Ways to use these to raise awareness of heritage issues in Ontario.

  • Print them and keep them handy to raise when a candidate phones or knocks.
  • Take them with you to all candidates meetings and raise these questions with all candidates.
  • Email them to your local candidates election offices, if you get a response please let ACO's COO Will Coukell know at, ACO will be posting responses on our website.

Here's the link to download or forward these questions.




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